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We here at MSC Closing Services are concerned with the rising number of COVID-19 cases across the country. Notary signing agents are also concerned about possible contact with COVID-19 when meeting face-to-face during the loan signing process.

Here are a few guidelines that must be followed; please share this with your clients

  • We must have a good contact number for the borrower so our notary can speak to the borrower directly and go over the details for the closing, including making sure there is a clean , well lit, warm, dry place for the notary to sit and conduct the closing.
  • All parties must follow all federal, state, and local guidelines for social distancing, health protection and sanitization when meeting with borrowers and handling documents, ID’s, or other materials.
  • The Notary must have a direct line of sight of the borrower for the signing. Our Notaries will not stand outside looking through a window during the fall/winter weather to conduct a closing.

Any questions or concerns please contact me directly.

Thank you

Marnee S. Cinelli Shuhart
MSC Closing Services, LLC

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